We can imagine how frustrating it actually can be when you contact a business but it turns that contact information you used were incorrect. So, in order to fix these kinds of frustrations. We’re slowly rolling out a new badge in business listings that will mark the business contact information is totally correct and reliable which will probably generate high confidence in users while contacting the business. Introducing, “INQUIRY NEPAL VERIFIED” Business Listings.

Business Contact Details verification process is already completed during listing moderation phase (before listing gets posted in our websites and apps publicly). But we noticed that this was not enough since many business contact information kept on changing time-to-time. So, Now those listing listed with “INQUIRY NEPAL VERIFIED” will be specially monitored for contact information change and will also be regularly updated either by business owners (or business staff) or by Inquiry Nepal’s Staffs. The verification process is carried out by contacting the business through listed contact information and verifying the information about business. The Verification process will take place randomly on business days and the verification officer will ask random question regarding the business listed on our platform and verify accordingly.

The Badge Distribution is currently on testing phase and we think that it can be very helpful for users and businesses as well. If you want to request a badge for your business listing, please do mail us through [email protected]

If your business listing has not been approved neither declined even after 144 business hours of posting, please do mail us through [email protected] or call us at +977 9823855556 and let us know..

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